CEREX AG · Flugplatz 8 · 3368 Bleienbach · Phone: +41 31 511 34 00 · info@cerex.ch

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Cerex AG

Specialists in the processing of raw grain products into modern breakfast cereals.

Cerex Industries

Custom work in high-precision mechanical engineering.



The new CEREX toaster has been developed with top ease of operation and process reliability in mind.

Thanks to its new design und multi-layer insulation, this toaster offers optimal efficiency and reliability. The new Tube Sheet Removal System allows all tube sheets to be removed and reinstalled from the outside. This makes cleaning easier and reduces downtimes.


  • Up to 2000 kg/h
  • Temperatures 230-300°C
  • Available as single or two zone section
  • Modern design
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Efficient Particle Romoval System (PRS)
  • New multi-layer insulation for cold surfaces and reduced heat loss

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