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Cerex AG

Specialists in the processing of raw grain products into modern breakfast cereals.

Cerex Industries

Custom work in high-precision mechanical engineering.



Product characteristics and performance

The CEREX Temper bin was developed to store products under best conditions while the residual moisture can evenly spread all over each grain, corn or other proceed product.

The new hygienic and modular CEREX design allows you to keep the high quality of your proceed products until the residual moisture is evenly spread in each grain or corn.


  • Modular design
  • Conveyor width 2000mm
  • Available capacity up to: 1m3, 5m3, 9m3, 13m3, 17m3, higher capacities upon request.
  • Standard Modules: Infeed Module, Discharge Module, Reject Module, Storage Module
  • Counter rotating worm shafts for better product distribution
  • Reject modul to prevent overloading of temper bin.
  • Discharge Modul contains 2 picker shafts to break big lumps in smaller ones
  • No unhygienic fabric seal between the stationary and the traveling guard
  • Chain is always guarded from the product zone
  • Stainless steel chain with bearings (without lubrication)
  • Insulated panels including all roof and doors at tempering sections to provide condensation and contamination of product.
  • All shafts are direct-driven, no belts or chains etc.
  • Product storage room accessible even if the temper should be fully loaded


  • Product separator at infeed module
  • Integrable heating beneath conveyor to keep the temperature at tempering of product
  • Lump breaker to prevent big lumps to clogging in the following process

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