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Cerex AG

Specialists in the processing of raw grain products into modern breakfast cereals.

Cerex Industries

Custom work in high-precision mechanical engineering.



CEREX puffing systems expand grain in a controlled, reproducible and highly efficient way

One great advantage of puffing is that the puffed products still very closely resemble the original grain. Puffed products offer the manufacturer high added value.

Additional benefits:

  • High yield, approx. 95%
  • High uptime in continuous operation, approx. 98%
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Low wear; most consumables are readily available standard items.
  • Easy to operate: system runs without operator, requiring only monitoring
  • Pressure and time curves are controlled by means of preset values for operating accuracy
  • The saving of product formulas and system parameters helps ensure consistent quality
  • The direct logging of production data helps track quality
  • No expansion bang: low noise emissions
  • No dust emission thanks to the closed circuit
  • Cleaning only required in the course of product changes or system shutdowns
  • The preheaters and reactors are self-cleaning
  • Entire system made of stainless steel with food-grade finish


  • 180-240kg/h - Junior-Puffing
  • 350-500kg/h - Single-Puffing
  • 700-1000kg/h - Double-Puffing
  • 1400-2000kg/h - Quattro-Puffing
  • 3000-12000kg/h - Feed-Puffing

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