CEREX AG · Flugplatz 8 · 3368 Bleienbach · Phone: +41 31 511 34 00 · info@cerex.ch

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Cerex AG

Specialists in the processing of raw grain products into modern breakfast cereals.

Cerex Industries

Custom work in high-precision mechanical engineering.



Low complexity, low maintenance, high efficiency...

CEREX has engineered the coating drum to allow a bed of product to be formed on the basis of precise specifications. This optimizes the coating results while minimizing abrasion.


  • Diameter of 1200 mm offers flexibility for coating all types of cereals
  • Insulated cover provides protection from heat loss
  • No additional drum heating necessary
  • Easy operation
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Smooth operation
  • Suitable for low sugar coating
  • NO shrinking effect with puffeed products or crispies
  • Specially designed adaptable spraying nozzles ensure full control over slurry addition
    • Heated blocks with internal piping
    • Heated nozzles
    • Individual nozzle diameters and angles
    • Each nozzle can be selected through the control panel
    • Easy to clean
    • All blocks are of modular design and configurable

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